Put Your Molecules on the Roswell ME Chip™

The Roswell ME Chip™ Partnership Program

Molecules As Basic Building Blocks

Our universal platform technology has far-reaching implications across industries. Roswell transforms molecules into basic building blocks for powerful electronic applications.

We are seeking to extend the Roswell ME Chip to leading strategics to shape the future of entire industries we know.

Program Overview

Assay Development

Assay Design

Molecule to Chip Integration

Algorithms & Data Analysis

Partnering to Push the Boundaries

unlocking the future of medicine
Accelerated porting of your assays to a modern sensor


Roswell assay development scientists will collaborate on molecule integration strategy


Leveraging Roswell's unique competency to integrate molecules into chips


Develop custom protocols, algorithms and analysis for an accurate readout of the molecular interaction

Key Applications

Roswell's universal, multi-modal platform for digitizing biology has broad applicability in the life sciences, health care, and beyond. Built for high performance, scalability, and single-molecule resolution, the Roswell ME Chip is the ultimate sensor technology


Translational Research

Drug Discovery & Research

Environmental Surveillance

DNA Digital Data Storage & Computing

AI & Telemedicine