Growing Applied and Industrial Markets

Reading for DNA Digital Data Storage

Unprecedented amounts of data are being generated by new technologies - from Internet of Things sensors to ubiquitous digital devices - with the unintended consequence that data production will outpace our ability to store it efficiently. Next-generation digital data storage is critical. New solutions that are ultra-dense and ultra-durable are required. By converting binary data into synthetic DNA sequences, we could harness the power of DNA to store data efficiently and at lower cost. DNA has the potential to provide compact Exabyte scale storage, with the equivalent of 10 Exabytes holding 1 million terabyte drives for life..

Roswell is developing a robust DNA Reader with the speed and cost basis required for a complete data storage solution. The Roswell DNA Digital Data Storage Reader will have superior performance to magnetic storage, with ultra-high data throughput, accuracy, speed and unmatched low cost of reading.

Environmental Monitoring for Infectious Disease

Advanced disease surveillance technologies, coupled with robust reporting, are crucial to detecting infectious disease and preventing and containing outbreaks that threaten the lives and livelihoods of communities. Roswell’s ME Chip Platform for Environmental Monitoring in the air and water will enable real-time disease detection in public places such as subways, schools, and airports.

Connected via a global knowledgebase, Roswell’s environmental surveillance technology would enable instantaneous information-sharing to provide an advance warning system of disease outbreaks and to inform immediate decision-making. The Roswell ME Chip™ Platform is developed for ultimate scalability and deployed on standard semiconductor chips for environmental monitoring that is low-cost, efficient and broadly deployed.

Powerful Pathogen Detection Anywhere at Any Time

Roswell’s rapid, low-cost, mobile detection systems for diverse biomarkers will enable powerful pathogen detection in-the-field and in the community. Built to identify a multitude of molecules designed for ultimate portability, the Roswell ME Chip can be deployed in a variety of devices and settings to trigger an immediate warning of harmful infectious diseases anywhere at any time.


Paul Mola

Mr. Mola is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Roswell Biotechnologies, Inc., and a member of the company’s board of directors.