Revolutionizing Reading DNA

Unlimited ability to read the genome will transform life … a giant leap for mankind

How We Achieve

the Impossible

We utilized the principles of molecular electronics combined with advances in CMOS chips, nano-fabrication and bio-sensor technology, in order to tackle one of the biggest issues of our time: precision medicine. To realize the full promise and power of precision medicine, we must make whole genome sequencing low cost and accessible on a population scale.

“With Roswell we see the sequencing revolution continuing by another factor of ten — combined with a nearly insatiable, growing set of applications and appetite for reading DNA. We hope this moves us ever closer to equitable access to precision medicine for all.”

– Dr. George Church, world-renowned geneticist and professor, Harvard University and MIT

What is Molecular Electronics?

Molecular electronics refers to using single molecules as components in electrical circuits, where they perform diverse functions such as switches, resistors, or transistors. This is a form of nanotechnology, where molecules provide nano-scale circuit elements. This field was first envisioned in the 1970's. The first actual single molecule circuits were made in research labs in the 1990's. Roswell is taking this to the ultimate level, integrating molecules directly into the circuits on standard semiconductor chips, for use as sensors. Roswell Molecular Electronics sensor chips are the ideal platform for reading DNA quickly, simply, accurately, and low cost.

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Where It Can
Be Applied

The greatest impact of all is whole genome sequencing and precision medicine. In addition, our technology spans many other applications from genome sequencing in agriculture to in-the-field detection of pathogens and diverse biomarkers.

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Who We Are

We are defying the status quo by bringing a disruptive technology to the world. We work as a highly interdisciplinary team to integrate molecules into nano-circuits on chips. It's a bit complex, but we have a great team of experts and advisors who make it all work.

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Low Cost

Decreasing costs with scalable sequencing chemistry and nanotechnology

Ultra Fast

Reducing whole-genome sequencing from days to minutes


Delivering greater accuracy than current NGS technologies


Integrating long read, fully phased deep genomes with epigenetic signatures

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