“To create a great future, we must first create a great technology.”

– Dr. Barry Merriman, Co-founder & CSO

The First Molecular Electronics Chip

At Roswell we have developed the first Molecular Electronics chip. We utilized advances in semiconductor technology, nano-fabrication and bio-sensors to create standard CMOS chips that directly integrate sensor molecules into the CMOS integrated circuits.

Going "on-chip" to deploy bio-sensors provides unprecedented economics, precision, portability, and scalability. Our first chip is designed to read DNA; future chips will be designed for protein detection and other diverse bio-sensing applications.

The Platform:
ENDSeq™ System

Our ENDSeq™ System (Electronic Nano-Device Sequencing) reduces whole genome sequencing from days to minutes, through direct electrical sensing delivered at the speed of natural DNA synthesis.

The Consumable: ENDSeq™ Chip

Using a single molecule workflow eliminates the time and complexity of sample preparation, delivering ultimate simplicity, speed and lower costs. This also improves the data quality by eliminating prep-related errors and biases, and enabling ultra-long read lengths.

The Foundation of
Our Technology

The field of Molecular Electronics was originally envisioned in the 1970’s, by Dr. Ari Aviram of IBM Research Labs. The original vision, that single molecules could be placed in a circuit, was first experimentally demonstrated in the 1990’s. Roswell has achieved the ultimate realization of this vision, deploying Molecular Electronics sensors on standard CMOS chip technology, in order to achieve a mass manufacturable and scalable platform. This unlocks the full potential of this approach to disrupt major markets.

“I didn’t think I would save the world immediately… if I see this technology materialize, I will be a proud man.”

– Dr. Ari Aviram, the visionary pioneer of Molecular Electronics, commenting on Roswell technology.