“Existing technologies will not deliver the breakthrough performance required to realize the full potential of the DNA economy … something different, and truly innovative is required.”

— Paul Mola, CEO and Founder

Our Goal: Precision Medicine

Current prevention and treatment of disease is not precisely tailored to each individual's unique variability in genes, environment and lifestyle. Precision medicine should begin with complete knowledge of the individual's genome, however, current whole-genome DNA sequencing technology is still too costly, too complex and low accuracy to use in precision medicine at the population scale. Roswell's sequencing technology was specifically designed to disrupt the current technologies and deliver an "endgame" sequencing platform, ideal for the future of global precision medicine.

Our Team

The Roswell founders and leadership team have uniquely broad and deep experience in genomics, from fundamental technology development, to global commercialization, to population-scale applications. We are comprised of seasoned business leaders and experienced scientists, engineers and technologists, on a mission to revolutionize precision medicine.
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