“What Roswell is bringing to world is the $100 genome that can scale rapidly and also deliver Exabyte data storage.”

- James M. Tour, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, Rice University

The Precision
Medicine Genome

Delivering the $100, 1-hour Genome for precision medicine. Simple, fast, low cost and with clinical-grade accuracy including phasing, assembly and direct reading of epigenetic data.

Molecular Testing for all
Bio-sensing Applications

Rapid, low cost, mobile detection systems for diverse biomarkers. Enabling powerful, in-the-field pathogen detection, infectious disease monitoring, environmental monitoring, and identification of bio-specimens, species or individuals.

DNA Digital
Data Storage

The Roswell technology provides a robust Data Reader for the future of digital data storage using DNA. As DNA writing technologies enable the storage of unprecedented volumes of data, on the Exabyte scale, Roswell provides the reader solution with the speed and economics required for a complete data storage system.